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Published on 28 Nov 2013 | over 3 years ago

TCP/IP layers & TCP IP architecture in Hindi Urdu, TCP/IP protocol suite model tutorial lecture 3. In this TCP/IP Hindi Urdu video tutorial, I discuss about different TCP IP model layers including Application Layer in TCP/IP layers, Transport Layer in TCP IP layers, Internet Layer in TCP/IP architecture and Network Interface Layer in TCP/IP suite. Application layer interacts with the applications and users, Data is then transferred to Transport Layer. Two important protocols working on the Transport Layer are TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) and UDP ( User Datagram Protocol ). The TCP or UDP converts the data into packets and add TCP header or UDP header. The packets are then handed over to the Internet Layer. The most important protocol working on the Internet Layer is the Internet Protocol also known as IP. IP ( Internet Protocol ) on the Internet Layer converts the packets into datagrams and adds IP headers on the IP datagrams, then IP hands those datagrams to Network Interface Layer. The Network Interface layer may collaborate with different layers, e.g., on Ethernet, the data-grams are handled by LLC, MAC and the Physical layer of the Ethernet.
TCP/IP Layers & TCP IP architecture in Hindi Urdu, TCP/IP protocol suite tutorial lecture 1. TCP/IP Layers stands for Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol Layers, also know as TCP IP layers and IP suite. TCP/IP model explains how communication is done on the Internet. This is the TCP/IP layers introductory tutorial for beginners in Hindi Urdu in the 30 parts of TCP/IP protocol suite video tutorial series.

TCP/IP layers in Hindi Urdu introduction, TCP/IP layers architecture tutorial lecture 3. Visit ifactner.com for TCP/IP layers : Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocols layers : in Hindi Urdu introduction in Hindi Urdu plus some tips on how TCP IP layers work in Hindi Urdu. This tutorial explains TCP/IP architecture in Hindi Urdu TCP IP layers in Hindi Urdu and how does TCP/IP work. This tutorial introduces the viewers to the 4 layers of TCP/IP model i.e., application layer, transport layer, internet layer and Network Interface layer in Hindi Urdu and introduce about how Internet works based on thses 4 TCP/IP layers in Hindi Urdu. This is the Computer Networking Tutorial lecture in the TCP/IP model suite tutorial series.
This tutorial is a part of 30 Computer Networking TCP/IP model video tutorial lecture in Computer Networking in Hindi Urdu tutorial series. I explain what is a TCP/IP architecture suits work in Hindi Urdu.

Learn what are different protocols including TCP, IP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, DHCP in Hindi Urdu in the TCP IP model Urdu Hindi lectures tutorial series by ifacter.com . Tutorial 1 introduces the viewers to basics of TCP/IP layers in Hindi Urdu. Networking in Urdu tutorials can be read at www.ifactner.com and downloaded in pdf. We have notes, pdf and list of books of Computer Networking, TCP/IP suit, TCP IP model and how does TCP/IP on Internet work in Hindi and Urdu. This tutorial introduces to the fundamentals of Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol in layman's term ifactner.com and can be used for information for computer networking certifications and technology operations. Ifactner introduces diagram and image of basic TCP IP layers and the IP suite. I also discuss about different types of application layer, transport layer, Internet layer and Network Interface layer of TCP IP layers in this tutorial series in Hindi Urdu.

This computer networking tutorial also introduces the viewers to TCP/IP model and layers.

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Have you ever wonder what is a TCP/IP layer and how do different TCP IP layers work with each other. This tutorial introduces you to the basics of TCP and IP on ifactner.com . This lecture video tutorial on computer networking is the 3rd part of 30 parts ifactner computer networking TCP/IP model suite video lectures in hindi and urdu. These computer networking tutorials are aimed at beginners, students, nerds, dummies and starter of computer networking. This Networking tutorial in Hindi Urdu is a part of CCNA in Hindi Urdu training and N+ Network basics in Hindi Urdu.

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