Published on 19 Sep 2015 | about 1 year ago

Recondition Cell Phone Battery, How To Restore A Battery, Cordless Drill Battery Reconditioning

The “Achilles Heel” of your off-grid system

Do you know what the biggest problem is with solar panels? Many people call it the “Achilles Heel” of solar…

The Battery Bank!

No matter how you chalk it up, building a battery bank is expensive.

…or at least, it used to be.

Because my buddy Tom came up with a simple new way to build a battery bank for almost NO cost!

This method allows you to build a battery bank whatever size you want, so you can store all the off-grid energy you need.

And you can use this battery bank for a home solar or wind system ...or an off-grid generator.

Basically, his method works like this:

1. He gets used batteries for free (or dirt cheap)

2. He reconditions those batteries with a simple new method back to 100% of their working condition

3. He then builds his solar panel’s battery bank using those batteries.

Tom also teaches how to recondition all kinds of other batteries in that presentation too (like car, laptop, and phone batteries, etc.).

is the only method I know of that will let you affordably scale up your battery bank to store as much off-grid power as you want. more info here

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