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This video is about phrasal verbs. Watch all the playlist

We are learning English - most common phrasal verbs in English. The author created a list of most common phrasal verbs - just text (without pictures) so it can be very good for listening. Explanations are given in English. Examples are provided as learning English with examples is much more effective. You can see the main meaning of phrasal verbs - some kind of definition provided by the author. Different prepositions are mentioned in the video - most common ones (get, take, go, come, look, run, bring, break , blow, come, go, put and others) and and less commonly used too but also very popular. Some English grammar aspects are also mentioned. Phrasla verbs with different prepositions are given (in, on, up, off, out and others). This video can also help improve spoken English as phrsal verbs are often used in speaking (different examples are provided in this English lesson). All these English verbs were chosen by the author to make his own list of most common phrasal verbs in English (according to his exeprience). We learn popular phrasal verbs.

For exercises on phrasal vetrbs in English you can make up your own sentences with them. This English lesson is a mixture of British and American English. It's suitable for different levels. The frist part is fo beginners, elementary and pre-intermediate while the secons part is for intermediate and upper-indermediate. Some points for advanced students are also included. .

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We learn English grammar lessons for beginners (full course) and other levels (elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced). You'll also see lessons for English speaking pratice, tenses in English grammar with examples, all english tenses. We learn English words and phrsal verbs in english with examples. We learn English conversation. The creator of this channel for learning English is an Alexander Bebris (an English teacher with an international qualification CELTA). Enjoy the process of learning English!


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