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Published on 14 Nov 2009 | over 7 years ago

Here it is! I've had hundreds of requests for a tutorial on how I

straighten my naturally curly hair with NO HEAT! No more split ends

or dry, crispy burnt hair! Straighten it without damaging it! Most

popular hair video on the internet!

Music by Dj Saryon & Sory - Trifonic - Lies

Q: Will I get sick doing this?
A: NO. NO. NO. I never have, so why would you? This is a myth that every mom tells their child. Even MY mom used to tell me this. . . . it's an old wive's tale. It's passed down from generation to generation, and it's simply not true. You wouldn't get sick from blowdrying your hair either, even when using the cool shot. NOR would you get sick getting out of a swimming pool with wet hair (there's cool air blowing all around you). I have dried my hair with a fan hundreds of times, and guess what? I have never gotten sick. People get sick from germs and bacteria, not from a wet head. This
myth will never die, but you can read about it in lots of places. I can't post any links, so just search on the internet "can you get sick with a wet head" and read all about it!

Q: Will this work with a blowdryer?
A: NO. A fan is 20? times bigger around which is how it's able to dry the sides and top WHILE you are doing the bottom. It's drying all around your head! The nozzle on a blowdryer is just too small to do this technique. Yes, it will dry your hair in bits, but not all at once like when using a fan. It only dries what you aim it at, and the airflow is too strong. A fan provides gentler, wider airflow and is just enough to dry your hair gently without blowing it all over the place and causing tangles and frizz. Also, it won't work with a mini fan or a huge, powerful fan. You *MUST* use a plain old regular, med-sized house fan that does not blow like a wind tunnel!

Q: Is brushing wet hair damaging?
A: NOT with a paddle brush. Ever notice how hairdressers will take a big, round, thick bristled brush + a blowdryer and dry your hair in sections? I hate this, because it breaks your hair off and they are burning it!

Q: 20 minutes to dry your hair with a fan?
A: YEAH! Better than 40 minutes to dry my hair with a blowdryer! Using a blowdryer turns my hair into a great, big frizzball.

Q: Is your hair naturally straight?
A: I have curly hair. But, this method works for any hair type really.

Q: Why a paddle brush, and not a regular brush?
A: The difference is easy to see. A paddle brush has wide, spaced out teeth with protective balls on the ends that allow hair to slip right through.

Q: Do you ever use heat styling tools?
A: Now and then...

Q: I tried this and it didn't work!
A: Keep trying or give up... not everyone is naturally inclined to excel in hairstyling. This method is unconventional, but it works for me, and has worked for tons of women who tried it. Read the comments!

Q: Why don't you just use a blowdryer?
A: Because the more heat you use on your hair, the more damaging it is! The less heat, the healthier your hair will be! Healthy hair = longer, stronger, shinier hair!

Q: Why not use a blowdryer on cool?
A: I've already answered this in the first question. The trick is the technique. NOT just blowing cool air at you. It's easier and faster! If you want to use a blowdryer on cool, you still have to section it out, and well... your arms will probably fall off before you finish. With my method, I guarantee you will get smoother, straighter results.

Q: How does this work exactly?
A: The reason why it works, is because you are manipulating the hair to "straighten" by holding the hair taut while allowing the gentle, cool flow of air to dry your hair without excessive force, keeping it smooth and controlled. Like, when I comb the sides back and clip them.... the hair stays straight and dries straight too. It's elementary my dear watson!

Q: Do you do this every day?
A: Every few days. This kept my hair healthy and prevented it from drying out and giving me split ends. My hair grew over a foot long. Do it as often as you like. Just be sure to have super conditioned hair, and use a paddle brush. Note: If you hair is bleached and super damaged, I wouldn't try this. It's too porous and will probably snap off. I wouldn't brush bleached hair with any kind of brush! I used to have bleached blonde hair, so I remember...

* I made an updated version of this video. Please watch it!

All you need is:
- A regular fan
- Garnier hair putty *this is optional* (it's only to tame those

little hairs from sticking out - DO NOT PUT IT ALL OVER UR HAIR)
- Wide tooth comb
- Hair Clip
- Paddle brush (I use a Brush Strokes #217506)

Try it and you'll see! Practice makes perfect.


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