Published on 23 Oct 2015 | about 1 year ago

Elsa summons MegaMinion to help lovable minions sing the ABC English alphabet!

In Elsa’s snowy kingdom, it’s easy to become lost.
Elsa cares about her subjects! During her morning jog, she finds them wandering in the snow, sad without a leader. So, using her incredible ice powers, she gives them the perfect gift: Mega-Minion!

Mega-Minion leads his minions in a funky choral rendition of the English ABC’s. Learn the alphabet and join the minions in singing for Elsa.

Young children first learning to sing will love to dance and sing to the minions’ upbeat tune, but the educational content is great for older speakers new to English as well.

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Music: Copyright 2015 Baby Learning World®.
Video: Copyright 2015 Baby Learning World®.
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