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how to make money online in hindi

Click Intensity has a 7-level deep MLM Structure.

If you even think of joining as a member, there are 5 ways you can earn from Click Intensity.

​1. Earn By Completing Tasks

You are able to make some earning and advertising opportunity such as:

Sharing social media posts
Watching videos
Simple online tasks
Clicking ads daily
And Many More

2. Earn From Profit Shares

You get paid $30 from each $25 Silver Coin Pack (1 Profit share in the Company) and it will expires. Every day, the profit share values will vary based on the total gross revenue.

3. Earn From Referrals Sales

You earned 10% of all silver coin packs purchased and repurchased by your personally referred members. However, free member will earn only 5% on his personally referred members and sales.

4. Earn From Team Income

This is the 7-level MLM payment structure in Click Intensity and commission is meagre that there is no point going into it. Briefly, to qualify you need to have 100 to be on 2-level, you get just 1% of commission.

5. Earn From Backend Sales

You get paid for all advertising product purchases in the form of gold coins that can be withdraw for cash payout. 1000 Gold Coins = $25

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how to make money online in hindi

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