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Published on 14 Jun 2013 | over 3 years ago

These 5 interview tips will help you ace your interview and get the offer. Watch Jeff & Mike break down exactly what you need to do to with these critical job interview tips. For even more great tips check out our blog post: theinterviewguys.com/16-genius-job-interview-tips-and-hacks/

In this video (www.youtube.com/watch Jeff and Mike The Interview Guys show you the 5 best things you can do to ensure you ace your next job interview. Armed with these interviewing tips you'll be ready to go!

For your convenience here is the transcript of the video:

Hi everyone, I'm Jeff and this is my friend Mike, and together we're known as the Interview Guys. Today we're enjoying one of our favorite pastimes...enjoying a cup of coffee and talking about Job Interviews!

Jeff, are you sure you didn't have one cup of coffee too many? You seem a little...excited.

I am excited Mike. But not because of the coffee! Because A lot of people have been asking us to share our best
interview tips, so today we've put together a list of our Top 5 favorites! If you can master these 5 tips, you'll be well
on your way to getting a job offer from your next interview.

And pay special attention to tip #5, because it's the one tip that's really going to set you apart from
you competition and get you on offer from your next interview. So what's the first tip on the list Jeff?

Tip #1 is that you really need to research the company and the position carefully. It's important to know exactly what they do, who their competitors are, and any current events related to the company. Take some time to study their website, but make sure you also know the job description inside out.

Our second tip is that you need to practice! In other words, it's important that you prepare perfect answers to some
of the most commonly asked and toughest interview questions. How do you do that? Well hang on to the end of this video and we'll show you exactly how.

Tip #3 is that you need to prepare a few success stories that you can reference during the interview. What is a success story?
A success story is a story from your past, work or personal life, that highlights an achievement and reflects one of your strengths.

Tip #4 is a very important one. You always need to prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. Why? Because it shows that you are prepared, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the job. Not to mention the fact that it will allow you to learn as much as possible about the company and the position you are interviewing for.

As we said earlier, our final tip is the most important tip on the list. Tip #5 says that you need to tailor your entire interview to the company you are interviewing with.

Most people walk into the interview room with nowhere near enough knowledge of exactly what the company or organization is looking for. You need to find out before hand exactly what the position calls for in an employee as well as exactly what makes up the company's 'perfect candidate". Once you have this information you can position yourself as that "perfect candidate" by giving "tailored" interview answers. As we always say: "it's not about you, it's about them"

If that sounds like a lot to take in, don't worry! Because we've prepared a special report that explains Tip #5 completely and outlines exactly how to prepare perfect answers to every interview question.

That's right. We walk you through our proven step-by-step process for giving perfect interview answers in our hugely popular free special report,

Click this link to get it:

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