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Published on 11 Jan 2013 | over 5 years ago

A quick Forearm workout you can do at home or in the gym to build bigger stronger Forearms
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What's up Youtube?
Welcome back to RackBoyz Fitness.
Gonna show yall
something that I started doing
very recently.
Barbell forearm extensions
and barbell wrist curls.
It's two different variations.
They are both going to focus on your forearms.
one is going to focus
on one side.
The other is going to focus
on the other obviously.
When I'm in the gym
I get caught up in doing
so much other stuff
that I don't get around
to actually just focusing
on my forearms.
And that's something
that a lot of people
just don't
take the time to do.
what I started doing is
just doing it at home
while I'm watching TV
I just
bang some sets out.
I don't do too many.
Its light weight
you don't need a whole lot of weight.
It's extremely effective.
Right here is only
20 pounds
real light like I said
just support your arms
support your ahhh..
support your forearms
you let it drop
you let your hands
let it go all the way down
and you just curl it all they way up
keep your elbows straight
keep your arms and your shoulders
everything steady
and just your hand motion
you are just curling your wrist up
its very simple movement
It does not require a lot of weight.
I'm using 20 pounds.
That is enough weight right now.
I just started doing it
You might be looking at it saying
if you been doing it and it works so good
why don't your forearms look all crazy?
I just started doing it a couple of days ago.
And I don't even do a lot of sets.
I usually do
honestly about
2 to 3 sets
and ahh
as I go on I will build it up
but I'm just starting
you definitely get a lot of burn.
Shake it out.
Stretch the arms out a little bit.
But it's something that
you know
just as you are sitting back
watching TV and chilling out
you can do it
and it does not take a lot of
effort and energy.
Take your time
Try not to make any
jerking motions.
Try not to cheat
by lifting up your legs.
Pushing your calves up.
Try to keep a nice steady
clean motion.
If you can't
do it
in that
kind of motion
that means you are using too much weight
so don't try to be superman.
Use light weight.
Unless you are some type of
big crazy looking bodybuilder
and your forearms are already
jacked up and looking huge
you don't need a lot of weight.
it's not something where you
are trying to impress people.
You are trying to strengthen
that muscle
so you don't need a lot of weight
at all
so take it easy
and do what you can do.
Don't try to overdo it
and end up
your wrist in half
and snapping something all up.
So give it a try
and let me know how it works for you.
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If you want to get bigger forearms you have to be willing to endure some discomfort in your forearm workouts. The phrase no pain, no gain may never have been more appropriate. In this forearm workout video, I show you a three exercise combo that you can use to torch your forearms with just a single barbell and no additional weight needed.

To perform this forearm workout circuit simply grab hold of an Olympic Barbell weighing 45 lbs with both hands. Grip your hands around the bar with either an overhand or underhand grip. If you start with your hands gripped over the bar you will want to spin the bar backwards and rotate it in your hands by extending the wrists and activating the forearm extensors.

Keep alternating the motion in the right forearm and left forearm as you rotate the bar in your hands and build up the burn. See if you can continue this for at least one minute without taking a break and work your way up to 90 seconds if you are able to. Immediately after completing, flip your grip so that you are now holding underneath the bar (as if preparing to do a barbell curl). Repeat the motion this time curling your wrists towards your body and activating the forearm flexors. Rotate the bar for as long as you can until you cannot withstand the burn in your forearms any more.

Finally, complete your forearm workout to get bigger forearms by using a switch grip with one wrist under and one over the bar. The hand that is placed under the bar will act to provide resistance to the hand that is over the bar.
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