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Published on 18 Oct 2015 | over 2 years ago

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Fortunately, our mind-set regarding certain aspects of our lives are malleable and are based on our choice of meaning we give to things. If we consciously decide to develop a positive mind-set, empowered by positive thinking together with an attitude of joyous expectance of only the best, we put ourselves in the correct frame of mind to propel ourself into proper action while anticipating and expecting successful outcomes.

Often external events and circumstances seem to rush in to assist with our intended result. This knowledge is priceless. The knowledge that our positive mind-set can translate into a world of difference regardless of the goal we seek.

Three Success Mind-Set Fundamentals
1. Mind-Set Self Confidence
If we lack belief in ourself and our capabilities, our self esteem suffers. This results not only in a sense of worthlessness but also helplessness and even hopelessness. This in turn makes us feel inadequate and see everything as pointless. It is easy to stop trying to achieve because there is simply no point. We are defeated before we even begin. That’s why the correct self confident mind-set is crucial to all other mind-sets we may adopt. First we must tackle the root.

When we have empowered our SELF with the confidence and belief in our SELF then we will be better able to accomplish the things we are already good at and also to learn how to do the things that at present we cannot. Accomplishing our goals and objectives becomes much much easier. We are empowered from the inside out. And the results we can achieve reinforce our beliefs and boost our self esteem and confidence even more. It can be a rising balloon spiralling upwards or a viscous circle spiralling downwards – depending on our choice.

2. Mind-Set Determination & Perseverance
Part of a positive mind-set includes the determination and perseverance to overcome failures when they occur. No one can go through life without failure. The difference is the reactions and meanings we give to those failures. If we take a failure as meaning we are wasting our time and react by giving up then often we are not realizing our true potential.

Of course some failures are met to let us know that this is a goal that is unreachable. But knowing the difference is all important. Part of the positive mind-set is knowing that we will experience failures along the way and that that is normal in life and we should not put undue importance on some failures. Being able to evaluate correctly what went wrong and why and to see failure in the light of positive thinking and empowerment to perhaps try harder or by tackling the problem in a different way is essential. It is the acknowledgement that very few things worth having are so easily attained. A positive mind-set is conscious of the fact that one failure is not the end of the story but just one way it didn’t work. True failure only comes when we stop trying altogether.

3. Mind-Set & Action
The correct positive mind-set leads to proactive positive action. Even when we are unsure or unable to proceed because of lack of knowledge or skill, a positive mind-set allows us to research and acquire those skill sets until we are able to achieve the actions we already know are necessary and important to succeed.

A person’s core inner beliefs and thought patterns are what lead to their feelings of potentiality, action and results. Simply by changing your mind-set it is possible to change not only our outlook in life by also the actual results we obtain in life.

Monitoring Your Self Talk
Often if we pay attention to our thoughts we may find that we are processing a lot of negative self talk. This knowledge can sometimes be distressing at first and make us feel somewhat powerless over what thoughts are permeating our minds and our lives. But if we start by taking just a few of those negative thought patterns at a time and begin changing them into positive thoughts, we will feel much happier, stronger and more in control of our lives. Anyone and everyone can begin using positive statements to create change and improvements in their life. All it takes is the commitment to start and experience the positive benefits that this technique can deliver.
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