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Published on 30 Mar 2015 | about 1 year ago

This Tayo Season 1 compilation video has stories about Make Up, Frank and Alice, Tayo’s Spac Adventure, and Speeding is Dangerous! Tayo had a wonderful adventure time in space! Are you guys want to join Tayo’s space adventure? Come and join him! It's way more fun than you think!

1:15 - 12:15 #20 Make Up, Frank and Alice www.youtube.com/watch
12:16 - 23:15 #21 Tayo's Space Adventure www.youtube.com/watch
23:16 - 34:15 #22 Speeding is Dangerous www.youtube.com/watch

20. Please Make Up, Frank and Alice
Alice lets Tayo get a checkup first before going to work. Later on, Tayo sees Frank and Alice fighting because of her tardiness. Tayo, blaming himself for their fight, comes up with an idea with his friends to help them make up. Tayo goes to Alice with Gani, who is disguised as Frank, and tells her Frank wants to apologize. He goes to Frank with Toni, who is disguised as Alice, and tells him Alice wants to apologize. Unfortunately, Gani makes a mistake and their plan is revealed. Tayo and his friends get scolded. However, Frank and Alice do become friends again thanks to Tayo’s plan.

21. Tayo’s Space Adventure
Tayo's head is full of space travel as he goes to bed after watching a meteor shower with his friends. Hana wakes Tayo up and equips him with rockets that will allow him to fly into space.
While traveling, Tayo meets Ray, a princess who is running away from Bully the Space Pirate. Tayo manages to give Bully the slip after a close chase and safely takes Princess Ray to Planet Clover. The princess gives Tayo a sticker of a clover in return. Tayo runs out of rocket fuel on his way back to Earth and falls from the sky. He wakes up in bed, startled. Tayo thinks everything was a dream, but there's a clover sticker stuck to his body.

22. Speeding is Dangerous
While driving riverside with Tayo, Speedy and Shine decide to have a race after bickering about who's the faster of the two. Their race is stopped by Rookie and Pat as they scold Speedy and Shine for driving dangerously over the speed limit. Next, the two decide to race against the high speed train when Met tells them that the train is the fastest vehicle in the world. Shine lets his ambition get the better of him and undergoes illegal engine remodeling to improve his chances of winning. However, his engine breaks down and puts him in danger. Speedy asks Pat and Rookie for help and risks incurring their wrath. In the end, Speedy and Shine promise the police that they will not take part in dangerous races anymore.

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