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Published on 17 Jul 2014 | over 2 years ago

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The Prophet SAW Begun Sending Multiple Spies To See Where Has The Caravan Reached, Abu Sufyan Panics Because He Realises We Are Being Monitored And He Does Two Things; The First Thing He Did Is That He Took An Unknown Route And The Second Thing He Did Is That He Sent For Reinforcements, Rasullullah SAW Now Realising That The Caravan Is Trying To Get Away And That Instead Of Facing A Caravan Guarded Forty Men They Might Be Facing An Army Of A Thousand Strong, Rasullullah SAW Held 'Shura' [Consultation], Al-Miqdad Stood Up And Said: O Messenger Of Allah Go Forth To What Allah SWT Has Commanded You To Do And We Are Not Gonna Tell You Like The Children Of Israel Told Musa AS; Go And Fight With Your Lord, We Gonna Stay Here But We Will Fight In Front Of You And Behind You And On Your Right And To Your Left And We Will Say Go Forward And Fight With Your Lord, We Will Fight With you, Tell Me What You Think Oh People So Saad Ibn Mu'adh He Gets Up And He Says: O Messenger Of Allah Are You Referring To Us The Ansaar, Yes Indeed; What's Your Opinion? O Messenger Of Allah We Had Given You Our Oath And Our Pledges That Will Stand By You No Matter What The Situation Is, And By Allah If You Go Through Ocean We Will Be Behind You Today Is The Day That Allah SWT Wants To Show You That We Are Real Men And We Stick By Our Words, By Allah We Are Very Patient When It Comes To Fighting And Very Firm When It Comes To The Wars, O Allah Fulfil Your Promise To You, They Have Come Against You With Their Pride And Their Arrogance Challenging You And Rejecting Your Messenger, Oh Allah Your Help That Has Been Promised, Oh Allah If This Group Is Destroyed, You Shall Not Be Worshipped On Earth , Oh Allah Cause Them to Be Destroyed Today And He Raised His Hands Completely To The Skies, And Then The Prophet Muhammad SAW Comes Out Of Tent, Looks In The Heavens And He Says: Allahu Akbar; Jibril With Three Thousand Angels Descending Down To Support The Believers, Facing Each other Before Battle.

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