Published on 18 Nov 2016 | 2 months ago

Demo Reel de la productora Sawia, con sedes en Madrid y Barcelona.

Estamos especializados en la producción de audiovisuales.

Durante más de veinte años de actividad hemos reunido a un grupo de profesionales de todas las áreas (cinematografía, postproducción, infografía 3D, programación y diseño gráfico).

Nuestro objetivo es involucrarnos con los departamentos de comunicación de cada cliente y volcar toda nuestra pasión de cara a conseguir un producto excelente.

SAWIA specialises in audiovisual production. Its activities are divided into two areas: Cinematography and multimedia.

Over more than 20 years of activity, SAWIA has brought together a group of professionals from all areas (cinematography, post-production, 3D computer graphics graphic programming and design).

The company's objective is to engage with all communications departments with each customer and to work passionately to achieve an excellent product.

The production workflow is essentially based on agreeing on a guide and aproduction plan. This is the base for the action timetable, the adaptation ofthe stages (set, exteriors, real stages), location resources (camera, cameramovement equipment, lighting), the study of sound, music, voice-over, editing,computer-generated images (3D and computer graphics), post-production andpresentation of the final master.

We're specialises in: Advertising 'spots', Documentary video, Corporate video, Promotional product video, Industrial video, Audiovisual media for museums and exhibitions, Training and safety videos, Web and interactive applications, Graphic design, 3D computer graphics, Programming, Photography,...

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