Published on 22 Oct 2016 | 3 months ago

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If you have a crush on a guy, talking to him may seem like the most daunting task in the world.
This is because crushes are usually people you don't have a lot of actual contact with;
you just become attracted to them from afar. It is easy to romanticize your crush and become
intimidated because he's not really a person but an idea of who he might be. The good news is
that he's a real person, and talking to him can be as easy as talking to your mother,
father, sister or best friend.

Introduce yourself. This is the simplest way to talk to your crush, but
simplicity is often key in these situations. It's easy to say "Hi, I'm [your name],
what's your name?" This will make it easier to talk to him in the future because rather
than just being a face, he is now a name as well.

Ask him questions that lead to discussions about his interests. Rather than ask
"What kind of music do you listen to?" you could say "I just bought this CD, what do
you think?" This keeps your conversation from seeming like an interview and makes it
flow more effectively.

Tell him a story about something that relates to him. The connection needs to be clear --
if he's reading a book, and your Aunt Francie loves books, don't tell him a long story
about Aunt Francie's cats. However, if you have the same teacher in a class,
he will probably appreciate a story about that teacher.

Ask him about his clothes. This will create conversation about what kind of
clothes he likes and where he gets them. It will also give him an opportunity
to talk about himself, which everyone likes to do.

Answer his questions when the tables turn. It's not fair to insist
that the conversation revolve around him, which could make him nervous
or creep him out. Provide information about yourself when asked,
so you can converse about shared interests or find areas you have in common.

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