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Published on 28 Aug 2012 | over 4 years ago

Welcome to our battle station in a war to defend Pakistan's Islamic ideology and national identity! This is our platform and weapon system to launch the counter attack against ideological subversion by the hostile forces through the axis of disinformation and propaganda warfare.

According to modern war doctrines, the weapon systems and platforms for Information Warfare and Psychological Operations are considered to be far more strategically lethal than nuclear assets, air and naval power as well as land and Special Forces. PsyOps are the most lethal and widespread but least expensive war operations in any theatre of war. Using the most common urban platforms of electronic and print media, cyber world, internet, communication systems and education institutions in a sophisticated and solidly coordinated information war strategy, global perception management can be achieved, consequently defeating and disorienting the enemy often without even firing a shot on ground!

Pakistan is under attack through a vicious and violent 4th generation war, which is designed to break up the country on the Yugoslavia pattern. The war is already in the advanced stages with almost 50,000 Pakistanis killed in the last 10 years in multiple insurgencies, urban warfare and political violence. But the most lethal and sinister aspect of this war remains the Psychological and Information assault against the state and the people, targeting the Islamic ideology, Pakistani identity, National unity, prestige of the armed forces and the need for the strategic assets; subsequently, creating such thought confusion and mental and moral anarchy that the very foundations of the state and its nationhood have been shaken to the core.

Our mission is Takmeel e Pakistan, completion of Pakistan's unfinished destiny! Defending Pakistan ideological and geographical frontiers leading up to the promised Ghazwa e Hind, the final showdown with the arch enemy India. The vision also envisages Pakistan taking its rightful place in the community of Muslim nations in a grand United States of Islam, which is run on the model of Khilafat e Rashida based on real wealth based economic model of Quran and Sunnah! We want to create a society where humanity is respected, protected and in peace based on love of Allah (swt) and Ishq and adab e Rasul (Sallalaho alaihe Wassalam).

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