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Published on 14 Jan 2011 | over 7 years ago

Ghazi Abbas (as) the syed isin full flow despite the blistering heat and lack of air conditioning. Beshak he spoke the language of heaven, ahh what a loss along with Syed Irfan Haider Abidi , a double team in life that could not be replied to and no doubt a double team in death. Do not speak of the martyrs as slain no they are alive but you do not percieve, Ya Ali Madat Syedo! (thoughts on fadak by MakesUquestion(s)part 3...)Maybe Fatima (sa) could wake them up, make them understand what Jacob failed to make the brothers of Joseph understand. Fatima, now lives the reality of what her father (s) told her would happen and why he took such care in preparing her. She now understood well the realities of why her father, the final prophet of Allah (swt) was so concerned for her and why he reminded the companions and his Ummah in general time and again about her status. Fatima (sa) knew her father (s) had explained her status and merits in detail, Umme Abiha also knew that the 12 Imams were ordered by Allah (swt) and taught by the prophet (s) to preserve her legacy (never must we the Ummah even for a moment think we or others have played any part in preserving her (sa) legacy, perish the thought that is the door to arrogance!). Why did Fatima (sa), for whom all eyes will be lowered on the Day of Judgement find herself in the position that she was being judged in the court of man in order to get her rights? How do you think they made her feel? Indeed, Fatima (sa) was the only daughter of the holy prophet (s), and his strength and patience was in her genes "Fatimato Baz'atum Minni" said the holy prophet (s), but underneath that Fatima was a lady, a mother of four young children, freshly orphaned, her inheritance stolen, betrayed oppressed, a victim of the cruel nature of Man (greed, pride, a thirst for power at all costs, selfish, jealous and evil man that the angels feared). What was going through the heart of Fatima(sa) when she made that walk. Fatima composed herself, She was the heir of the prophet and her walk and stature once again resembled the prophet. However the oppression and reminders came back to her as soon as Fatima (sa) entered the courtyard. It is reported that when Fatima al Zahraa the only daughter of the prophet (s), first laid eyes on the occupied pulpit, her father (s) used to sit on Fatima the orphan and the maids that accompanied her began to cry in a heart rending manner. Fatima was in the court of men who owed their all to her father (s). This was how they thanked her father for rescuing them from idol worship. Would you want a female dear to you to be in the court of men? The daughter of the prophet who came to free women and give them rights was in the court of men, usurped! Has word not reached you of the crimes committed against Fatima (as). Why not? What have they been hiding from you? Have you not noticed the ‘hide and seek’ they play with your futures. Or is it that you have
been naïve and not looked, after all we are in the information age, so what excuse have you? The charge is so serious that it deserves to be
investigated. What if you die and find out what you heard and dismissed was true, spend some time to get to the heart of the matter.

“Be informed!” Only a few days after the passing (shahadat) of the prophet (s), the Arabs had gone back on their heels to their old ways of burying their daughters alive. Except, this time it was much worse; for it was the daughter of the prophet (s), his heart, his beating heart, his breath, his living flesh, his sacred blood, the light of his eyes, his walk, his talk, ("Fatimato Baz'atum Minni") his orphan, his reminder, Mohammed’s (saww) dear Fatima; they were burying alive! In the ‘name’ of ‘Mohammed’, In the ‘garb’ of Mohammed, with the ‘words’ of ‘Mohammed‘, from the pulpit of ‘Mohammed’ and in the ‘city’ of ‘Mohammed’. The living Mohammed(s) was slain. And lie after lie was told to prevent your from knowing. Do not be fooled by sacred things in wrong hands, rather look at
what is being done in their name! Know the essence not the signs. History
is testimony that man has been fooled time and again by the symbols (such as fake hadiths or the loosely applied titles like ‘companions’); because they did not realise the essence. Today the titles may have changed but the dangers are the same. “Be Informed”. .
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