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Published on 29 Sep 2012 | over 4 years ago

Vidhi offers food to her husband, Pankaj. Pankaj is eldest son of the family and a diabetic patient. At the dining table, Pankaj enquires with Pratik about their father. Pratik informs Pankaj that their father was in his room, busy with some important work. Pankaj informs Pratik that there is some technical defect detected in the stock of the lights purchased from Satyendra Dubey. Pankaj asks Pratik to return the stock and collect the advance payment paid to Satyendra. Meanwhile, their father arrives at the dining table and tells Pankaj that Satyendra must have cheated him. Next morning, Pratik visits Aarti's house. Satyendra Dubey is none other than Aarti's father-in-law. Aarti is puzzled on seeing Pratik and enquires. She gets furious on learning that Pratik had come to take back the advance payment which they had made for the lights they had purchased. Aarti refuses to return the money, instead asks Pratik to pay full payment of the commodities that Pankaj had purchased from them. When she asks Pratik to leave, he refuses and states that he would not leave until Satyendra returns the money. Aarti gets furious and threatens to hit Pratik with a hockey stick. Satyendra hears the commotion and rushes outside. When Satyendra agrees to return the money, Aarti does not allow him. Aarti again threatens to hit Pratik. He gets scared and leaves. When Pratik returns home, he informs Yash about it. Yash calls up Aarti's landline number to talk to Satyendra. When Aarti receives the call, she explains to Yash that the lights which they had purchased were of high voltage. She adds that if their generator could not support high voltage, they should not have connected the lights to it. She asks Yash to pay their entire bill. Yash gets irritated but assures to pay the bill. In the evening, when Satyendra and Shobha go out for a stroll, Satyendra expresses concern for Aarti. He tells Shobha that he too wishes to get Aarti remarried but fears that the society will never accept their decision. Shobha, however, is determined to get Aarti remarried. She asks Satyendra to propose marriage to the prospective groom, Raghu Dayal suggested by a certain acquaintance Mr. Gupta. Next day, Satyendra and Shobha take Aarti along with them to a mall to meet, Raghu. Aarti is unaware about the couple's plan. She continues to shop even after Raghu comes to meet her. Raghu follows Aarti to a shop and misbehaves with her. Aarti gets furious and slaps him hard. Raghu feels insulted. When Aarti complains to Shobha and Satyendra about it, they leave along with her. Aarti is puzzled on learning that Shobha and Satyendra had called Raghu to meet her. Raghu fumes with anger and curses Aarti. When they return home, Shobha and Satyendra apologize to Aarti. Shobha requests her to accompany her to a holy dargah. Shobha, Satyendra, Aarti and Ansh travel in a train to the dargah. Yash and his family too are traveling in the same train.

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