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Published on 01 May 2013 | over 4 years ago

The main factor of skin diseases is stress. Hormonal cause can also be the factor. In the age of 15-20, it is common to have skin disease. Eating spicy and hot food can also be the cause of skin disease. Skin diseases occur due to increase of Pitta (acid) in the body.

One type is when you get excess pimples on face. If you have this problem, fill the sand vessel with water and add 1 spoon of Triphala powder in it. In the morning, filter the water and drink it without heating it. It reduces the Pitt (acid) in the body.

The other type is Herpes. This is very critical type of disease which usually occurs in one side of Spine. We cured this problem also by giving Triphla water, Chandanasav, Kayakalp Vati, Nimbghan Vati; etc. If Herpes is outside the skin along with rashes/pimples, apply Kayakalp Tail on it. We also make Kanti Lep for Skin Diseases. Mix this Kantilep with Aloevera Gel or Honey or Unboiled Cold Milk or Water and apply it on skin. If you have general problem of skin (Wrinkles, pimples;etc), apply it for 1-2 hours before you take a bath. If the problem is very critical, we suggest to apply at night while sleeping and wash it next morning.

If you have general Problem, you can also use Facepack of Patanjali. Liquid medicines also works best in skin diseases. Khadirarisht, Mahamangishthadyarisht helps in curing the problem. It also helps in itching and other skin problems. If the problem is still more, we make patients consume Kayakalp Kwath. This is very bitter in taste. This Kwath also cleans stomach more, i.e it may loosen your stomach so make a dosage of it accordingly.

The severe problems of Skin are Psoriasis, Eczema, Leucoderma. For Leucoderma, you can consume Kayakalp Vati 20 gm + Amrita Sat 20 gm + Bavachi Churna 50 gm. Consume this mixture 1 gm each daily. To some people, Leucoderma gets cured quickly, it also takes 1-2 years to get cure completely in some people. I cured many Leucoderma patients who had problem from many years.

The best medicine for application in Leucoderma is the mixture of Neem Leaf Juice and Desi Cow Urine (Not ark, direct Urine of Desi Cow). You can store this mixture in bottle for 7 days. Apply it on skin and sit under sun(take sun bath) for 15-20 minutes. We have noticed that consumption and application of Bavchi Churna has benefits. The only problem with the application is it makes pimples for temporary period making the skin color normal. People get tensed why they got pimples. But these pimples get cured with regular application. If you are suitable with it, you can use it. If you are not comfortable in using this method, avoid it.

Never consume milk and salt together. For eg.- Consuming salty Biscuits with Milk. Avoid it because it causes skin disease even in single time. Never eat curd after evening. If there is general Itching in body, apply Kayakalp Tail.

The other type of itching is Urticaria. This itching is cured with the mixture of Coconut Oil and Camphor. 99% of Urticaria gets cured by consuming the mixture of 5 black Pepper + 5 Spoons of Ghee + 5 Spoons of Khaand. This occurs because of excess Pitt(acid) in the body and also because of excess consumption of refrigated foods or ice. It becomes dangerous if it is for longer time. Pranayam works best for this. Kayakalp Vati, mixture of Haridrakhand 100 gm, Sheet Pitt Bhanjan Ras 10gm is also beneficial. The dosage is 2 gm twice a day with water.

Psoriasis, Eczema are critical problems. When it becomes more critical, it leads to scleroderma. This is worst condition of skin diseases. Skin becomes very hard and rough. For that we give Keshor Guggulu, Kayakalp Vati, etc. Consult the medicines for this disease from scleroderma vaidya/Doctor.

Psoriasis is occuring frequently. To cure this, stop eating salt, Sweet, fried foods, brinjal, potato. When problem increases, we give medicines talsindur, Neem, Giloy, Kayakalp vati, Kayakalp tail etc. along with Pranayam. We cure Psoriasis 100%. We have done a research on it and we are saying it with authenticity.

For Scleroderma, Pranayam is recomended twice a day, Kayakalp Vati, Giloyghan Vati to be consumed empty stomach. Also consume Kaishor Guggul, Arogya Vati after meal. Scleroderma patients get cured in 1-2 years.


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