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Mythbusters Video I mentioned:

Hi guys, Simon Lown here.
Chances are you landed on this video because you are searching for information about a Car Window Breaking Tool and seatbelt cutter
In this video, I am going to show you why a Car Window Breaking Tool and seatbelt cutter is so important in order to help you decide if you need one.
I’ve been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a few car accidents over the years but fortunate enough not to have been seriously injured.
Here’s a picture from one accident where I got hit from behind at about 60mph. It really took the wind out of me and, naturally, I suffered whiplash, but other than that, I was ok. The thing was, because of the impact, none of the doors opened and to get out I had to climb through the window. Luckily, all my electrics were still ok and the windows opened, but if they hadn’t, I’d have been stuck.
Now, this Jeep was duel fuel, and the LPG fuel line had been broken in the crash. Luckily, there was no fire and it could have easily been a different story. I was lucky. If there had been a fire, I could have been in serious trouble.
Of course, there are many other situations where you’d want to be able to exit the vehicle in a hurry. Anything involving water for example. I’m sure you guys have heard of the Mythbusters! There’s an episode where they test getting out of a car that has turtled in the water. Now, even though Adam knew what to expect, was calm, and has experience of these type of situation, he still needed oxygen from the emergency diver. Had he been in this situation alone, he likely could have died.
There’s a link to that Mythbusters episode in the description below.
It’s only 7 minutes long, but pay attention to the safety diver at 5:30 in and Adams recommendation 20 seconds from the end.
If you’re still not convinced you need a Car Window Breaking Tool and Seatbelt Cutter, then it’s probably because you don’t drive. Just remember though, even if you’re a passenger, you could still be unfortunate enough to find yourself in a situation where you could still need a Car Window Breaking Tool.
To check out the Evac3 Car Window Breaking Tool and Seatbelt Cutting tool, go to . They are currently offering this amazing safety tool for FREE with just $5 for shipping.
It’s a really great tool from Survival Life that is small enough and light enough to carry around on your keychain. They’re a solid company who have been around for about 4 years now, and they’re doing national campaigns to help people be prepared in case the worst happens. All the details are on their website. Just go to for all the details.
‘I hope you found this helpful and you can see why having a Car Window Breaking Tool and belt cutter is so important
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