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Published on 07 Sep 2012 | over 4 years ago

Sagar tells Vidya that they will have to go from the jungle because Sindoora will be taking the highway. They then see a deity of Lord Shambhunath. Sagar promises Vidya that the tape will surely expose Sindoora. He then applies vermillion on her forehead and swears that they will always be together. Sagar hides the tape in a box near the deity. Just then Sindoora sees Vidya and Sagar and follows them. Sindoora holds them at gunpoint and asks them whether they want to fall from the cliff or get shot. Sagar tells Sindoora that he would have willingly given all the inheritance if she had asked just once. Sindoora retorts that everything is her right, and she knows how to acquire it! She taunts them about challenging her! About wanting to record her testimony! Sindoora tells Sagar that she will confess everything now, after which Vidya and he will be dead! She says that her fight began the day their father married his mother and brought her a stepmother and how things had turned for the worse the day he was born! She admits that she had wished for his death every moment because she hated him and had even instigated her sisters against him! She explains how she had put on a fa?e of being good to him and kept him in her clutches. However, he had returned from the US and expressed a desire to look after the business, and it was then that he was attacked for the first time! But Vidya had come and rescued him every time despite her umpteen efforts to throw Vidya out of the house. And thus had begun her continuous attacks on him! How she had put all the allegations on Aniket and had got rid of Gayatri also! Sagar and Vidya are shocked! Sindoora asks for the tape but Sagar replies that it has already been given away. Sindoora retorts that she does not care and asks Sagar to get ready to die. Sagar claims his love for Vidya again and asks her to promise him that they will be together in their next lives also. Vidya promises Sagar that they will be together for the next seven lives. Sindoora aims the pistol at Sagar but Vidya gets shot instead. Sindoora then shoots Sagar but he promises that the story is not yet over!

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