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Published on 28 Jan 2013 | over 4 years ago

To learn more about how to lose man boobs, check out the Chest Sculpting Blueprint: chestsculpting.com/chest-sculpting-blueprint/

With the right exercises (and a good diet), you really can blast away your man boobs in just a few short weeks.

There's more to losing man boobs than just doing chest exercises like bench presses and pushups. It's just as important, as shown in this video, to do back exercises. Why?

Well have you seen the typical built-guy that steps out of the gym? How his arms are always bent? Well that's because most guys train their biceps way more than they train their triceps. In the same way, if you train your chest muscles more than you train your back, your shoulders will be held forward by your pectoral muscles, and you'll have that hunched-appearance that makes your man boobs look BIGGER!

The real secret to a wide, masculine chest, is a strong back. Training your back will pull your shoulders back, help to increase the width of your upper body, and decrease the appearance of man boobs.

Also, training your shoulders will give you a big set of delts that'll take the focus away from your man boobs.

Why do I show the incline dumbbell press instead of the incline barbell press? Well the incline dumbbell press allows you to bring your hands in at the top of the movement.

EMG studies have shown that the greater the incline on the bench, the more the focus goes to the anterior deltoids of the shoulders, and the less focus goes on the chest. When you bring your hands in at the top, you get that much more focus on the upper inner pec fibers in your chest.

Building thick upper pecs goes a long way when it comes to losing man boobs. They'll help to lift that boob-fat up, and give your chest that stone-slab-like appearance.

I can go on about this stuff all day. If you want to take it to the next level, go on over to chestsculpting.com/ , and join the Chest Sculpting Newsletter. Do it now ;)

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