Published on 17 Aug 2016 | 6 months ago

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Our businesses have been negatively impacted by it…

Yes, I’m talking about the continous decline in
email deliverability and performance.

It’s time to stop marketing like its 1999 and adapt
to the mobile world!

SMS/Text Messages has proven to outperform email…
and its only growing!

Open Rates: 98% (compared to 22%)
CTR: 14% (compared to 7%)
Conversion Rates: 8% (compared to 2%)
Time to Open: 90 seconds (compared to 384 minutes)

The reason is simple…

People are ATTACHED to their phones (checking it
a bazillion times a day).

Plus with mobile devices getting smarter and intuitive
its easier for users to signup and purchase with their
phone or tablet.

No more need to go to the desktop anymore.

This is why the Email Autoresponder is being replaced
with this…

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