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History - Pakistan - Airforce - War

History Of Pakistan Air Force (1947-2016)

The history of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) began when it was established in 1947 following the independence of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces, primarily tasked with the aerial defence of Pakistan with a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Navy. The PAF also has a tertiary role of providing strategic air transport and logistics capability to Pakistan. The PAF employs approximately ~65,000 full-time personnel (including approximately 3,000 pilots) and currently operates 973 aircraft.[2]
On 10 April 1959, on the occasion of the Islamic Eid ul-Fitr festival holiday in Pakistan, an Indian Air Force (IAF) English Electric Canberra B(I)58 of No. 106 Squadron entered Pakistani airspace on a photo reconnaissance mission. Two PAF F-86F Sabres (Flt. Lt. M. N. Butt (leader) and Flt. Lt. M. Yunis) of No. 15 Squadron on Air Defence Alert (ADA) were scrambled from Sargodha Air Base to intercept the IAF aircraft. Butt attempted to bring down the Canberra by firing his Sabre's machine guns, but the Canberra was flying at an altitude of more than 50,000 feet — beyond the operational ceiling of the F-86F. When Yunis took over from his leader, the Canberra suddenly lost height while executing a turn over Rawalpindi. Yunis fired a burst that struck the Canberra at an altitude of 47,500 feet and brought it down over Rawat, near Rawalpindi. Marking the first aerial victory of the PAF . Both crew members of the IAF Canberra, ejected and were captured by Pakistani authorities and were subsequently released after remaining in detention for some time.[6]
-1965 India-Pakistan War: In one mission on 7 September 1965, Alam downed five Indian aircraft in less than a minute, the last four within 30 seconds, establishing a world record, with total of nine aircraft downed in the war. Alam's confirmed kills are as follows

-1967 Arab-Israeli 'Six-Day' War
-1971 India-Pakistan War
-1973 Arab-Israeli 'Yom Kippur' War
-1979–1988 Soviet-Afghan War
-1990–2001 After the Pressler amendment was passed, the U.S
-2008 air alert After the 2008 Mumbai attacks, PAF was put on high alert
-2011 Abbottabad Operation
-Counter-insurgency operations


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