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Published on 23 Oct 2013 | over 4 years ago

Here is the translation of this dua my brothers and sisters:

O Allah! Send blessings upon our master, our leader Muhammad (SAW) and his Family, such a blessing that through it

You relieve us of all anxieties and calamities;
You satisfy all our needs;
You clean us of all evils;
You elevate us into a high rank and status in Your presence;
You lead us to the utmost limit of our aspirations and capacity in all that is good in this life as well as after death;

You are indeed -
The One who Responds to the prayers
The One who Raises the ranks
The One who Fulfills the needs
The One who Removes anxieties and worries
The One who Pushes away calamities
The One who Solves the difficulties
So Rescue me, Rescue me, Rescue me O my God
You have the Power, and The Ability over all things

And send your blessings upon our leader Muhammad (SAW) and his family and grant them peace.

This darood is free from all words of Shirk and has been highly recommended by the Scholars of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a. All the Saints of Allah have unanimously given verdict that Durood-e-Tunajjina is the best cure of all ills and all calamities of this world. The virtues of this Darood are beyond human comprehension, InsahaAllah, the following are few of its known benefits:
1. This Darood is the best cure of all ills/plagues/diseases and all calamities/difficulties/hardships of this world.
2. All the worldly needs and needs of hereafter will be fulfilled.
3. One will receive and will be gifted with High Status, Position and Success in both the worlds.
4. The reciter will be protected by Allah from all the Evils(evil men/jin, blackmagic, nazar, sickness..etc) of this world and the hereafter.
5. NO enemies or evil creatures will overpower the reciter and the reciter will be always a victory against them.
6. All the blessings and virtues of reciting darood will be bestowed upon the reciter.
The above are all only by the Will of Allah. Nothing has power of its own. He says in the Quran "Call upon me, I'll answer you" This is a Dua in the form of salawat.

Method of Recitation
1. Make sure the house in which it is recited is free and clean from dolls, statues, painting, pictures, magazines, papers of or containing living creatures, and also free from bells and musical instruments, dogs, amulets and other things disallowed by the Shariah, InshaAllah, this will increase the chances of the dua's acceptance.
2. Put on clean clothes and make wadhu[ablution] with concentration.
3. Auzubillaah hi Mi-nash Shyataan Ir-rajeem BisMillaah Ir-rah-maan Ir-ra-heem -3x
4. Istiqfar - 'Astaghfirullaaha wa 'atoobu 'ilayhi -3x or more
5. Make an Intention for the purpose of the recitation.
6. Recite DUROOD-E-TUNAJJINA as many times as you can, the more the better
7. Make Dua --YA ALLAH YA HAYYU YA QAYYUM YA ZAL JALAALI WAL IKRAM YA ARHAMAR RAHEMEEN, Please fulfill all my valid needs .........................................................................................................
Note: (1)A group of people can sit together and recite it silently or aloud for higher counts, with a common intention and for a common purpose. (2) InshaAllah, if recited during Tahajjud will produce amazing results as tahajjud is the time when Allah's Mercy and Blessings descend most. (There is difference of opinion regarding loud group dhikr in different schools. Do what you are comfortable and do not transgress the limits of Allah)

To Break the Effects of Black magic or witchcraft or Jinn the victim should recite this dua multiple times daily consistently for few days[or until things get normal] without any gaps and after every recital blow 3x into water with full force and drink it 3x times a day and also rub the recited water all over his body and sprinkle some on all the walls of the house ignoring the toilets, InshaAllah the effects of Blackmagic/Jinns will be broken and all evil jinns involved in sihir will leave in no time insha'Allah. No one can remove sihr except Allah, so dua is your only weapon.

One can also make it a practice of reciting it 1x or 3x times after every Fardh salaat or atleast recite it 3x to 7x times after fajr and maghrib, as Darood-e-Tunjjina itself is a very beautiful and very powerful dua, through which we are seeking from Allah to address all our needs of this world and the hereafter insha'Allah.
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