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Published on 10 Dec 2015 | 12 months ago

Manisha (Monisha Chowdhary) and Mannu (Vishnuvardhan) go to a secluded house, set deep inside a forest, for a weekend of fun. Upon arrival, Manisha and Mannu discover worms in their bag of food, but neglect it. Mannu has plans of recording a video of Manisha, without her knowledge, so that he can fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. However, they are interrupted by Manisha's friend, Piya and her boyfriend, Vishal. After a bash of music, dance and beer, Vishal asks Mannu where the toilet is and after watching a dark way to the toilet Vishal told that, on his way to the house, a local pan vendor told him the house belonged to a lady who was accused of being a witch by her family member, and subsequently killed by her family.

However, she returned as a vengeful ghost and murdered her entire family. After hearing Vishal, Mannu goes downstairs. While returning to the hall, Vishal senses eeriness in the house and notices one room's door open and close on its own, so he enters in and the door gets locked from outside. After some time he enters into the house from the outside and blames Mannu that he latched the door from the outside and says that he came by jumping through the window. Manisha finds one scratch mark on Vishal's neck and after an argument, Vishal and Piya leaves the house confusing. Mannu then handcuffs Manisha to the bed. While they are kissing, the lights go out and Mannu's neck is scratched by someone and he asks Manisha for his phone and he goes downstairs to bring his cell phone. While returning toward Manisha his hair is pulled by someone, and he finds himself bleeding from head. He calls his friend to see if he is playing a prank on him; after receiving a negative reply he realises that there is another presence in the house. Manisha then searches for the key to her cuffs and while searching Manisha spots a camera in the room and realises Mannu's intentions. She is unable to do anything, as the key goes missing, leaving her tied to the bed. As matters worsen, his phone battery becomes low so Mannu runs away, leaving Manisha alone. The spirit does not let him escape however, and Mannu returns upstairs, bruised. The ghost enters Mannu's body and makes him commit suicide. Manisha struggles to unlock herself from the cuffs before sunrise. She finds the key under the bed, but fails to get it. The next night, the ghost attacks her again, but she manages to break free by cutting her hands with glass.

Manisha escapes the house and runs away, screaming for help. When she sees a car, she chases it, but finds Vishal dead inside. After trying to start the car unsuccessfully, she hides in an old well where she finds Piya's body. The ghost then grabs her and brings her back to the haunted house. The ghost tells that she is not a witch and she did not kill her children. Neither will she leave her house, nor will she let others get out of there alive. Manisha slowly rises up in the air and is slapped and thrown around. The ghost then tries to make her commit suicide but Manisha is able to stop her and toss the weapon away. Manisha stays suspended against the wall all night. As the sun rises, she slips down to the ground, having survived and is free to escape. On-screen text reveals that after a few days, a local boy finds Manisha unconscious and takes her to the hospital. She had to go through intensive psychiatric treatment for 10 months, and then she agreed to tell her story.

Movie Title - Manisha MMS - Bollywood Full Movie 2015 | Hindi Movies 2015 Full Movie
Starring - Vishnuvardhan, Monisha Chowdhary

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